I Divide – Have you heard of them?

No you haven’t did I hear you say? I’m shocked! I Divide are a five piece band from the UK, consisting of Tom Kavanagh(Vocals), Henry Selley(Lead Guitar), Josh Wreford(Backing vocals and Rhythm guitar), Kristen Hughes(Bass) and Dave Mooney(Drums). They are one of the most up and coming bands for 2013.

For the last year or so they’ve been gaining a substantial amount of followers on Twitter and an ever growing fan base. Their energetic rock music has given new light to the music industry by combining soft sounds of Tom Kavanagh’s voice and the heavier sounds of the bands guitar strums and rocking drum beats. The band’s success had grown fairly rapidly over the last year and this year they even secured a place to play at the Reading and Leeds Festival, with massive success and a large crowd to show their support for this new band. The band also scored a place at this year’s, as well as last year, at the Download Festival. However, this year they surprised everyone and opened the Saturday fun filled music day on the Zippo Encore stage. THE SECOND BIGGEST STAGE! I’d say that’s pretty good for a new band that are still gaining ground in the rock music industry.

So where did they appear from? It seems like this band have just appeared out of nowhere and gained fame over night. That’s usually how it looks for most new artists. But, its the fans who have made them become so famous. With a following of 51,586 on Twitter and 13,650 likes on Facebook, its new wonder the band have “appeared” from nowhere. The band started back in 2011 and their EP What’s Worth More was what gave them their breakthrough. Selling on iTunes and being streamed across the internet made it easier to find and gain new fans who were going to scream and shout about them at any given moment that they could.

So what’s next for this brand new band? Tomorrow night they are taking over Team Rock Radio with Sophie K so listen in and get used to hearing their music because I believe that they may be around to stay for a while!

Website: http://www.idivideband.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Idivideband

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idivideband

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/idivideband/feed


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