Toy announce new album release

The London Indie band have announced today that they will be releasing their follow up album on December 8th 2013. Their debut album “Toy” came out in 2012 and since then the band have had continued growing success.

Back in January 2012, the band were picked as one of NME‘s “100 Bands you have to hear” and were described as “the most exciting band to have come out” within the last year by Rhys Webb (The Horrors). The band have had their growing fame thanks to being support acts to many big names in the music industry; such as The Vaccines, who they support in May earlier this year to an audience of around 20,000. They have also had a few slots at various festivals such as Field Day back in 2011 when they released their first single “Left Myself Behind”.

In an interview with NME that is due to be released later this week, the band have claimed that their new album took twice as long to make as their debut album “Toy” because they have played around with different sounds and harmonies. Was this a right move for the band? Will have to wait and see.

Head to the link below to hear the new single “Join the Dots”


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