Nirvana nominated for Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

It’s been more than 25 years since Nirvana released their debut album “Love Buzz”. Though the loss of Kurt Cobain back in 1994 shocked the rock music industry, they were the band that made grunge music go worldwide and become as great as a success as it was, and in some respects still is.

However, it wasn’t for the album “Love Buzz” in which Nirvana gained their fame. The notorious song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” gave them that celebrity status across the entire nation. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is from the bands’ second album “Nevermind”, another one of the legendary albums to have ever been released.

So why is it that 25 years after the release of the first album, that Nirvana are now being nominated into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Many people would argue that they should have already been there as a tribute to Kurt and the music he wrote and produced with his fellow band members. However, rules of the nominations state that the albums and bands can only be nominated after 25 years have passed since their first album release. Critics are already stating the Nirvana are leading the way with the votes, causing a huge gap between them and their competitors. Some of the artists and bands they are up against are as follows:-

  • Kiss
  • LL Cool J
  • The Zombies
  • Deep Purple
  • NWA

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind if Nirvana will top the list and be the next into the Hall of Fame? There might well be. The band Kiss have been around a lot longer and have gained a higher fan base, and still inspire people with their music today. But in the same respects Nirvana still do the same and the death of Kurt still rocks many fans and with next year being the 20th anniversary of his death I feel fans may vote twice as many times as a tribute.


One thought on “Nirvana nominated for Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame

  1. Hi Toni
    Your blog looks good, well done. Some interesting pieces. Your Nirvana one started well but ran a little out of steam, you started to repeat yourself. In all three cases, you get a little tied up with tenses, remember most journalism is written in the past tense, as it has already happened.
    I think you have found a good subject area to blog in and will develop o good voice.


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