Terraform UK

Terraform are an upcoming rock band from Birmingham. In just over a month their video for their latest single ‘Paradox’ has received over 9000 hits on Youtube.  On November 11th 2013 they perform in Birmingham, playing there first large tour supporting Heart of Coward.

Terraform are a fairly new band, with their Facebook page only being around since mid August. However, the band are quickly picking up fans and proving that social networking is helping to do that. One twitter they already have a following of over 2,000.

The ease of finding new bands on social media is becoming some what easier, with bands following people who already follow or like bands just like there own. Terraform are the same, they’ve followed people in hope to find fans of their type of rock music.

Their music video for Paradox, released October 14th 2013, shows the entire band and shows what they are capable of. With their setting being in the middle of a hillside, it gives an image to the guys that their music is natural and brand new. Potentially bring a new sound to the rock genre. So what’s out there for these guys? That’s  up to the new fans to decide.

Decide what you think and watch their music video using the link below:-


Twitter: https://twitter.com/TERRAFORM_UK

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terraformuk


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