Ian Watkins… What happened?

The lead singer of Welsh band Lostprophets pleaded guilty, on Tuesday 26th November 2013, of more than 10 sexual offences, most of which were to children under the age of 13. He pleaded guilty to attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under the age of 13. However, he wasn’t the only person involved within this hideous crime; there are also two young women, known as two of his “superfans”, who agreed to let Watkins use their own children so he could fulfill his disgraceful sexual fetish (if that is even the right word for this case).

Prosecuting barrister Chris Clee QC told the court on Tuesday that “[Watkins] accepts he was a determined and committed paedophile.” (Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-25108439) The crimes he committed consisted of 3 counts of sexual assault upon children, seven accounts involved taking, making or having possession of indecent images of children and one account involved his possession of an extremely pornographic photo of sex with an animal. Some of the accounts of sexual assault were also allegedly recorded and took place within hotels in both London and South Wales in April last year. All of these charges are absolutely horrific and according to many different news sources there are pieces of evidence which are far too graphic and disturbing for them to be reported at all. All of the evidence found against Watkins was found on his own computers and laptops and also his mobile phone. Experts within the police force managed to hack the computer system he had where his password was allegedly “ifuckkids”.

According to one news source, Watkins ex-girlfriend, Joanne Majic, had warned police of his sexual desires when he confided in her during their on/off relationship back in 2008. The police reportedly shook of the claims as Majic didn’t have any evidence for this and at the time it was her word against his. The link to hear his ex-girlfriend talk about Watkins crimes is: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2514319/Ian-Watkins-pictures-Lostprophets-singer-hospital-meet-young-patients.html

As a fan of the band Lostprophets, I was struck hard by this news as were many others who took to Twitter to rant their anger and disapproval with his crimes. However, many fans blamed the entire band for what one member did. As a passionate music fan, I feel that the band as a whole should not be shunned because of Watkins actions. They were his actions, and his alone. The rest of the band have now announced that there will no longer be Lostprophets, the band have split up. His former band members are as distraught by the news just as much as the fans are, they appeared to have no clue what Watkins was doing in his spare time.

Overall, voicing my full opinion upon this would class as a defamatory act and I won’t do that. But I will say that as a whole I am disappointed in Watkins as he was once an idol of mine; and now I cannot bear to look back upon the concerts I went to of his, now knowing what he did to his own fans. Though, I do wish the rest of the band luck in any career they decide to now embark upon and hope that they can maintain some sort of good reputation among the general public, I hope that Watkins hasn’t ruined their chance of a normal future.

Watkins sentence will take place December 18th 2013.


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