Celebrities caught up in the Watkins case

Since pleading guilty on Tuesday to his crimes, the case of Ian Watkins has developed. But not for Watkins himself. Now two more celebrities have been brought to the limelight over the case but not for the same reasons.

Ian "H" Watkins

The first being another celebrity named Ian Watkins, or “H” as he was know in the 90s band Steps, who has been confused with the Ian Watkins who was charged. News company E! accidentally ran their news feature on the case using the wrong photo, using a photo of “H” instead. Since then E! have apologised to “H” for the mistake that they unknowingly made. However, “H” is in contact with his lawyers currently deciding whether or not to sue as this is a defamation act against him. Not only did E! mistakenly use the wrong photo, but the wrong Watkins was also used all over Twitter sparking more controversy among fans of both Lostprophets and Steps. This caused feuds between people and also confused many as to who was being charged. For people who had not heard of the case before, they would have had no idea as to who was really being charged. “H” has also allegedly deactivated his twitter account due the numerous amounts of abusive tweets he was receiving from people confusing him for the Watkins who had been involved. 

Peaches Geldof

The second celebrity to be caught up in the news is Peaches Geldof, who tweeted the names of the two women who were involved. The star has apparently tweeted the two names after reading them from a US news website. Since then Peaches has apologised for her mistake and stated she thought the names were already within the public knowledge. If the names had been already well publicly known then the news that Peaches had tweeted them wouldn’t have been as big of a story as it was. But due to the fact that it was and is still not widely known among the general public means she could face some sort of criminal charge. The South Wales police are reportedly discussing the Twitter issue with the Crown Prosecution Service; which could mean some sort of punishment towards Peaches; but none has been confirmed.

It seems that Watkins’ paedophile actions have managed to scrape in some big names amongst the celebrity world, but also bring publicity to those who may have been forgotten about.



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