Have you got Cabin Fever?

Well Fearless Vampire Killers have, and for their 2014 tour they are asking fans to create the set-list for them to play.

The first part is already done, fans have told the band exactly what songs they wish to hear the most on the next tour, and they are currently sorting through the most popular suggestions. Tonight on their website you will be able to vote for which songs are performed at your local gig.

But who are Fearless Vampire Killers? 

The band began back in 2008 in the town of Beccles, Sufflok, UK. The band consisted of, and still does, of 5 main members who are:-

  • Laurence Beveridge – Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist
  • Kier Kemp – Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist
  • Drew Woolnough – Bassist
  • Cyrus Barrone (Shane Sumner) – Lead Guitarist
  • Luke Illingworth – Drummer

The bands’ stage design is as theatrical as their music is. With their outfits being very ‘steampunk’ in their look, many of their fans have adopted the look too. (Most sporting the goggles worn by Barrone) When they are on stage they look as if they are covered in a form of white powder and according to singer Kier Kemp the idea behind it is a “turn-of-the-century France, late-1800s bohemian ideas, short waistcoats [and] a bit of the old eyeliner”. The image however does work. 

In Grandomina – The beginning of success

The band began their journey as a theatrical band whose songs takes place within the fictional town of Grandomina. The EP In Grandomina was released in 2010, showing that they had the musical talents to make it, not only as a successful band, but as something fresh and new in the industry. The E.P. received a great amount of responses, mostly discussing how the songs they had produced were “gothically inclined pop-rock“.  Critics claimed that this band was for fans of bands such asMy Chemical Romance and Panic at the Disco; it seemed as if the the bars were being set pretty high for them. From the 5 song long E.P., only one song made it onto their debut album.

During this year, they support fellow rock band Aiden on several UK tour dates, being the main support act for the majority of these.

…The Blood Never Dries – E.P. #2

In 2011, the band released their second E.P. entitled The Blood Never Dries. This E.P. broke the band into more success and were named one of Kerrang’s ‘Top 10 Best Unsigned Bands in Britain’ during September that same year. So it appears that things started to move pretty quickly for them. The E.P. consisted of 5 songs, with 3 of the songs making it onto the album as full songs rather than demos.

During the year, they played alongside bands Hopeless Heroic, Drive By Audio, Stanley Odd and Excellent Cadaver during the Scottish tour “Rockstar Energy Drink – The Harder They Fall”. They also played at Punk Festival, Rebellion, in August and their own show at the 02 Academy, Islington in October.

Militia of the Lost – Debut Album and Tours Gallore

After gaining a sufficient fan base, and getting their name out in the public, FVK released their debut album which had 4 songs which fans had heard on previous E.Ps’ and 8 brand new songs to ‘sink their teeth into’. (Pardon the pun)

The album is a concept album based upon: –

  • Love,
  • Loss,
  • Addiction and,
  • The struggle to find a place in society

The concept of the album is set in a fictional place and the songs are about the events leading up to, and impact of them. The main concept being the city’s royal palace being set on fire and five men crossing paths and getting dragged into a world of monsters and revolutionaries; all of which sounds extremely complicated.

The tracklist for the album is as followed:-

  1. Necromania
  2. Could We Burn, Darling?
  3. Concede, Repent, Destroy
  4. Bleed ‘Till Sunrise
  5. Bite Down On My Winchester (There’s A Reckoning A’Coming)
  6. Palace In Flames
  7. Even Ghosts Forget (The Empire For A Kiss)
  8. Fetish For The Finite
  9. Bow Ties On Dead Guys
  10. Pleasure For The Pain
  11. At War With The Thirst
  12. Mascara Tears And Vanilla Spice

The album received amazing feedback and made they quickly became one of the fastest growing and upcoming bands of 2012. April 2012 they were announced as the main support act for William Control on the UK leg of his tour New Faith. In the same year, the band played Download Festival on two separate days gaining an even larger fan base. In October 2012, they held a co-headline tour with The Dead Lay Waiting, a band similar to their own. Together the bands headlined Exeter Zombie Walk and Ball. The tour ended with them supporting Wednesday 13 at the KOKO in Camden, UK on Halloween of that same year. 

After all this they were announced to be joining headliners Black Veil Brides and other acts Tonight Alive and Chiodos on the 2013 Kerrang! Tour. They went on to have their own tour ‘Diamonds and Disgrace’, alongside Fort Hope where they traveled across Britain. After their success at both tours, the band secured a place to headline the Red Bull Stage at Download Festival 2013.

Watch their Download performance here

Exposition: The Five Before The Flames – More, More, More

The band’s music didn’t stop at one album. They released their 3rd E.P. in 2013, just before their UK tour. The E.P. is seen as a prequel to the debut album Militia of the Lost and included 5 tracks which creates more of a story for the town Grandomina that they base all of their concepts within. All of the songs included within the E.P. are written by a different members of the band, kind of seen as different perspective of the prequel events. Quoted from their website, the band said “The last song on Exposition… ‘The Prince: Diamond Dust and Crimson Reign’ was the only track to take the narrative beyond Militia… teasing the exciting things that are to come.

So hopefully more is to come from this still relatively new, exciting band in the near future. Possibly, and hopefully, soon after their Cabin Fever Tour.

Watch their latest single All Hallows Eve – 


Buy Tickets to the tour and take part in the deciding of the set-list.

Listen to their music, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for all the updates and more. 


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