Not All Clubbing Holidays Are The Same

So let’s put music to the side for a moment and focus on the stereotypical clubbing holiday that the majority of teenagers will embark upon with their friends, either during college or uni. These holidays involve sun, sea, sand and of course a lot, and I mean a lot, of alcohol. There are so many shows on TV portraying what really goes on in these party destinations; for example Magaluf, Sunny Beach (Bulgaria) and Malia.

But is spending the holiday nursing numerous hangovers really the only way to spend the days in these places?

After spending a week in the resort of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, I would have to say that there is. I won’t lie, I’m a typical uni student who is up for spending an entire week drinking (as long as its cheap and I get to nap during the day). So when my friends asked me to go away with them to Sunny Beach, I couldn’t say no. It was going to be a week of sun, sea and booze. And boy was I ready drink the bar dry.

However, when I got out there my experience was the complete opposite. Yes, I still drank alcohol every day but I didn’t spend my days nursing hangovers. Our all-inclusive hotel had all the best cocktails on offer to us, and there was wine on tap at dinner. Perfect for a group of pre-20s on their first holiday together.

The way we spent our holiday was probably a lot different to how you would expect. Of course we took up the offer of a free bar and free club entry for 30lev (roughly £15 in the exchange rate), we couldn’t resist. That was our typical clubbing holiday drunk night out; where none of us wanted to move the next day because everything hurt. We had another night out where we had a bar crawl, boat party and  finished with a paint party. I have to say paint parties are really something you should all go to if you get the chance and listen to hotel reps on which nights out the strongly recommend, there is usually a VERY good reason.

But not once did we experience what the TV shows showed us.

There was no sex games on the boat party. There were no club reps making us do things for free drinks. We saw none of it at all. This may be because, other than the 2 nights out that we arranged, we spent the rest of our time making the most of seeing the country. We tried as hard as we could to go out every night, though the late nights and early rises did get to a few of us. Don’t think of us as boring, we did go to a drag show one evening all in fancy dress. We even got T-Shirts with names on the back and ‘Bulgaria 2014’ on the front like all holiday groups tend to do. Clubbing just isn’t something everyone wanted to do every night of the week. I couldn’t even manage to last through my freshers week at Uni. (I suck, I know.)

The days are always so lovely at Sunny Beach, and it does live up to its name (except for the one rainy day we had). The local area is beautiful to go a walk around. Walk one way and you can go shopping whilst you walk up towards the beach with smaller quiet bars and pubs, who will always try to get you come in, convincing you that they have the best offer going. Walk the other way and you’ll end up at the strip you were at the night before. Streets cleaned and deadly silent. Nothing like what you would’ve seen just 12 hours earlier. It looks totally different. There are livelier pubs and bars, even a few fair ground rides to try out. Plenty of things to be doing during the day instead of spending it in bed. My favourite thing at Sunny Beach was the sunset, it was truly a magnificent site.

Bulgarian Sunset

There is one thing most teenagers miss when they go to Sunny Beach; and that is the chance to go and look around Nesse Bar, the “old town” in Bulgaria. You can get on a bus, for roughly 50p, and within 15 minutes you in the derelict town of Nesse Bar where there are market stalls and shops which offer everything you would except from a tourist place. The town doesn’t look like it has changed a single bit in the last 100 years. There was even an antique store selling bits and bobs from World War Two, including this camera.

WW2 CameraThere are so many different things to see and do within the town. My friends and I spent a day there on our one rainy day of the week and it was still as gorgeous then as it would’ve been in the sunlight. Though I will advise, don’t buy an ice cream unless you intend on not eating dinner, they are enormous!

Nesse Bar


There are so many things to do other than club in Bulgaria. There are three water parks to pick from; there is a 4 by 4 adventure, there are so many excursions and boat trips to go on that it seems such a waste of time to spend the day laying in bed wanting to throw up.

I couldn’t imagine spending my holiday in bed feeling sorry for myself then getting ready and drinking my weight in booze all over again. The cocktails at the hotel were enough to get me ready for the evening ahead. There are plenty of bars that play live music and offering 2-4-1 cocktails during their happy hour that clubbing just wasn’t appealing anymore.

So before you embark off on a stereotypical clubbing holiday with your friends, think to yourself “Am I really gonna wanna sleep my holiday away or do I want to see some of the country I am paying to stay in for a week”. I said it to myself and I chose to spend everyday differently and it was brilliant. Though, I will say again that paint parties are the place to be if you do wanna go crazy whilst you’re away. (Just remember to wear old clothes) You need to experience what clubbing is like in the country, because let’s face it, that’s why you book to go there. But don’t over-do it. Plenty of other things to do other than clubbing till you can’t stand up anymore.



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