The Knot are back!

And with vengeance!

The online streaming version of Slipknot’s new song “The Negative One” became available today on their website. I must say, after 6 years of waiting, this is a relief for “maggots” (fans) around the world. With the news of Joey leaving earlier this year; and with the death of Paul back in 2010, Slipknot fans have been left wondering whether a new album was ever going to happen. But low and behold, we’re getting somewhere.

On Wednesday, it was announced that their new single wouldn’t be out until August 26th. But Corey Taylor, lead singer, tweeted a hint to expect something on the Friday. What a surprise it was. The new single, filled with as much angst as you would expect to hear from the Knot, is going to be the most talked about thing in the music world for the next few days. I mean, what’s not to love about it? Even with Joey’s departure from the band, they’ve managed to still keep the drumming level up; the screams and singing are still on point and I can’t even flaw any of the guitar or bass. In my opinion, it was the perfect song to stream for their upcoming album release. It’s the same as they’ve always been: Angry and ready to start a mosh pit.

Go check out the song on their website and let me know what you think.


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